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Assignment description
The Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency – in short Kadaster – collects and registers administrative and spatial data on property and the rights involved. This also goes for ships, aircraft and telecom networks. Doing so, Kadaster protects legal certainty. We are also responsible for national mapping and maintenance of the national reference coordinate system. Furthermore, we are an advisory body for land-use issues and national spatial data infrastructures.

Our information is available predominantly through online web services, including information on energy labels of houses and underground cables and pipelines. Our main customer groups are civil-law notaries, local authorities, businesses, financial institutions and private individuals. Kadaster maintains the Key Registers Cadastre and Topography.

Kadaster performs its public tasks in service of society. This is reflected in the way we are organised and the ways in which we publicly account for how we work.

Kadaster carries out international activities. Together with national partners worldwide, such as governmental organisations and universities, we further develop knowledge and skills in land administration and geographic data. In addition, we actively participate in international umbrella organisations. Kadaster International is a department within Kadaster that carries out and coordinates a large part of these international activities.

Detailed description of the assignment in which the expert is put to work:

For the specified timeframe the expert is responsible for knowledge transfer of theory and practice of the concepts of the domain of the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) and Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration (FFP LA) as well as the Framework for Effective Land Administration (FELA), both in international projects as well as within Kadaster. In the projects the expert will act as an international consultant supporting Kadaster International. With his/her experience, the expert unravels complex issues in the domain of Land Administration. The expert will be in the lead for translating the concepts into practical tailor made solutions for the issues.

The expert is responsible for the implementation and development on the project objectives related the above mentioned methods. Within Kadaster the expert is responsible to embed knowledge and understanding of the concepts LADM, FFP LA and FELA and by doing so strengthening the internal capacity of the organisation for the long term, within the given time frame. The assignment supports the department to further expand and develop the existing knowledge of LADM, FELA and FFP LA in a sustainable way and to remain relevant.



The most important deliverables are:

  • Transfer knowledge on the LADM, FFP LA and FELA with Kadaster International and Kadaster;
  • The concepts of LADM, FFP LA and / or FELA are integrated in the projects of Kadaster International;
  • Existing knowledge and expertise of Kadaster employees on the LADM, FFP LA and / or FELA is extended;
  • Developing LADM, FFP LA and FELA content for the realisation of the objectives of the projects in the portfolio of Kadaster International;
  • The developed LADM, FFP LA and FELA content is taught in workshops in the countries to the local officials;
  • Reporting the work performed and results achieved on the basis of the project objectives;
  • Writing a minimum of three (semi) academic papers to be presented at international conferences (e.g. World Bank conference on land and poverty, FIG Working Week);
  • Support of Kadaster International's advisors in the field of popular publications and methodological development of LADM, FFP LA and FELA.

Functie eisen (1) en -wensen (•)

  1. You only add one resume. This resume should show that you meet the requirements below. If, in the opinion of Kadaster, you do not meet the requirements, your offer will be set aside and will not be included in the assessment of the award criteria
  2. You hold a doctoral or post-doctoral degree in the field of land administration or geo-information or related field
  3. You are able to demonstrate previous or current active contribution to UN-GGIM with particular focus on the development of FELA
  4. You have at least 5 years of experience in international consultancy, in different countries, on the subjects of LADM and Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration or related fields
  5. You have a minimum of 5 years of experience in preparing, teaching and evaluating short courses and training programmes in the field of Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration, both at tertiary and professional level
  6. Competencies the candidate should have:

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